How The New Snapchat Update Makes Flirting Easier

Everyone is talking about the new Snapchat update like it’s the end of the world. Well, not for your purposes. If you couldn’t care less about the functionality of the platform to impress your friends with your Snaps then the update won’t affect you.

The main difference is the location of certain functions, and if you’re hunting for more Snapchat milfs then it won’t matter to you one bit.

Friends on the Left

Before the Snapchat update, it had your recent snaps on the left and had people’s stories to the right. Now, all your friend’s stuff is on the left and the right has ads and popular Snapchat users too.

This means that your nude snaps and stories are located in one place. Why that’s such a big deal for certain people is beyond me, but that’s where your sexy sex snaps are located. Keep that in mind.

Discover on the Right

The ability to sell ads space was the major change and the biggest change in the Snapchat update. It’s vital to the survival of the platform in the long-run. It’s an unfortunate truth, so in order to keep the lights on, Snapchat changed the right to left swipe or the “Discover” window to ads and prominent members of the Snap community. If you’re an early adopter or someone that gets a ton of views, you can get over on that side, but otherwise, the ladies you’re hunting will only be available on the left side.

How Should You Approach Snapchat?

If you’re keeping up with the news about the Snapchat update and wondering if you’ll still be able to meet and fuck local users with the changes, never fear, because the way you should use it won’t be inhibited.

If you try to get women’s Snapcode and then use it to snap back and forth to steam up the mood before you meet, you’re doing things right. However, if you’re concerned that you won’t be able to build your business the same way you might want to think about using another platform like Instagram.

Picking up the sexiest Snapchat women has never been easier. Every day more and more people are using this platform to communicate for NSA dating. For those of you that don’t know, NSA dating means no-strings-attached dating and tons of women are into that. It’s not just reserved for college fuck buddies. Anyone that wants to get laid should highly consider using Snapchat and you’ll find out why in a second.

Why it’s Better to Get a Snapcode than A Phone Number

Have you ever sent a text to a woman and gotten into a fight with her, because she completely misunderstood what you said? Of course, you have because texting really sucks. Yes, it’s still better than phone calls, but it still sucks in comparison to Snapchat.

Picture this, you’re on Snapchat texting away, and that same misunderstanding happens. Since you’re on Snap, that means you have more choices on how to fix this situation. For the sake of the example, let’s say you’re at work and a long phone call to explain is out of the question, but a 15-second Snap saying exactly what you meant is possible.

You send that snap and add some hearts in there to show that you didn’t mean any offense. She sees it and realizes the misunderstanding and apologizes. Right there, Snapchat communication is light years better than the competition in every way.

Snapchat is not a social network. It’s communication at its finest. That’s why it’s still the best way to meet and fuck girls and should still be your go-to platform for relationships, even the NSA relationships.

How to Get a Woman’s Snapcode

This is contingent on her having Snapchat in the first place. We’ll cover that in the next section. 

Now that you know using Snapchat is the best way to get in her pants despite the stupid Snapchat update, let’s get into how to get her Snapcode.

Just Ask Her For It

Most women will just give it out rather than a phone number because those that use Snapchat know it’s better to use it than a regular phone.

Get Her Phone Number and Add Your Contacts to Snapchat

If you tap your face in the upper lefthand corner, a menu will pop up to add to your contacts. Every time you add someone’s phone number their Snapchat ID will pop up. Smash the +Add button and you now have access to her sexiest stories, if she posts that sort of thing. Hopefully, she’ll save the best stuff for you.

Add Your Facebook Friends to Snapchat

The same thing goes when you add a friend to your Facebook account. Their information will pop up if you search them. Just push +add. It’s that easy.

You might be thinking whether or not it’s creepy to just add someone without their permission. The answer is not at all and if it is to them they can easily block you, so don’t worry about it. If you don’t see anything from that person in the next few days or weeks, either she doesn’t use the platform or she blocked you when you added her. No big deal.

Plus, if she makes a big deal out of giving you her Snapchat it just means that she doesn’t understand how the platform works. Maybe after a little while, you can explain to her the benefits that are outlined in the next section.

How to Get a Woman to Use Snapchat

Now that you know that Snapchat is the ideal way to talk to women, you’ll definitely have to sell some of your cougars to get on Snapchat if they aren’t using it already. Here is a list of things you can say that makes Snapchat ideal for your relationship.

  • Keeps your personal conversations private
  • Reduces misunderstandings
  • Allows for sexy visual exchanges when meeting up isn’t possible

Thinking Past the Snapchat Update

If you’re worried about the temporary nature of the social platforms being a viable way to hook up with hot girls, you shouldn’t be concerned with it. Most of the news that comes out about Snapchat’s update is just meant to get people to read it. If you really dig into using the platform you’ll realize that it offers much better features than other competitors. You don’t have to worry about your information getting out there and that’s what counts.

If you want to know more about how to find the hottest nude Snapchat girls, click the link to the next article and find out how.

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