Top 13+ Sexting Websites for Nudes (2021)

While sending naked selfies on Snapchat is incredibly hot and sexy, it’s always going to be a risky activity. If your phone is hacked, there’s not much you can do. The good news is that there a few websites that let you send encrypted attachments. These platforms bring like-minded people together to express and explore their sexuality online. Plus, they help to weed out internet scammers by enhancing privacy and promoting anonymity.

From encrypted security to finding someone to sext with. Below are 5 websites you can use to sext nude selfies securely:


1. Snapsext (Public Sexting)

Snapsext Logo

Snapsext is a dating website that focuses on visual content—selfies, photos, live streams, video chats, and more. Due to its simplicity, you’re most likely to find what you need in this portal. It features a user-friendly interface that leaves no details untouched. Even better, nothing on this website distracts you in the search process.

To get started on Snapsext, you’re asked a few questions regarding your location, age, and gender, so it’s nearly impossible to find a fake account here. Using the advanced features, you can browse through provocative photos of girls. It’s worth mentioning that there are numerous chat rooms that offer adult fun. Once you find your ideal match, you can start sexting. The site provides five types of subscriptions to suit your budget. If you choose 6-12 months subscription, you get 80% discount and access to thousands of singles in your area looking to have fun.


Arousr (Online Sexting Service)

Arousr Sexting

Arousr is a website that allows people to sext safely. It bridges the gap between phone sex and cam site in one convenient package. You can engage in video calls, exchange pictures, and even talk over the computer or tablet. What makes Arousr stack up above the competitors is that it’s not affiliated to any porn studio.

This site does not offer peer-to-peer messaging once you sign up. Instead, it uses Chat Hosts who do all the sexting. Before you spend any money, you can message one of the girls. When you find someone you like, you can now buy the tokens. The token price ranges from $ 16.95 to $100. With these credits, you can purchase photos from the models, pre-recorded videos and even participate in sexting and video chats. The sexting charges are based on messages sent while audio/video chats are charged per minute.

Depending on your country, you can use Apple Pay, Google Pay, Wire Exchange, Check, and credit/debit card. In most cases, debit and credit card purchases are the most economical. Most of the girls will activate the premium mode before sharing their explicit videos and photos. That said, adding more credit will allow you to continue chatting and even use the video feature. With over 100 free credits after signing up, there is no reason not to give Arousr a try.


SextPanther (Premium paid sexting) 

Sext Panther Logo

SextPanther is a company that acts as a middleman between you and a real model that you can sext with. The way it works is you first select a model from a list of profiles that you can filter through using categories like age and ethnicity. Once you select your model, SextPanther will provide you with a special phone number with which to contact her. When you text the number, it will go to SextPanther who then forwards it to her. She is then able to text you the same way.

SextPanther is awesome because there is such a great variety of girls to choose from and start sexting with. To sign up, all you have to do is make an account and verify your phone number. Doing this will earn you $5.00 in credit. You don’t need to put in your credit card information until you’re ready to purchase more credits.



Social App

SocialFinder is an exciting website that allows users to search for usernames across all social media platforms. This eliminates the need to go to each individual app to find a potential hookup. The social media platforms found on this app include Kik, Snapchat, Telegram, Discord, Whatsapp, and more. 

Tons of people have turned to this app to connect with like-minded people online and have a good time. If your mission is to find nudes, you’re in luck. Not only are most of the profile pictures NSFW, but many of the users are also down to sext and exchange dirty pictures. You can browse through users by clicking on the “username” tab. You can also add your own name to the site to get started. 

Aside from the username search, SocialFinder offers a ton of awesome features. You can check out the “live sex” area of the site to view live webcams with gorgeous models. You can also read through the blog for helpful and entertaining sex advice. Lastly, don’t forget to take a click the “meet and fuck” link for a quick and easy way to find an online hookup.


MeetMe (Free Chat Platform)

MeetMe Logo

If you’re looking for a true combination of dating online and social networking, then you should go to For more than a decade, the website has been connecting thousands of people. Users can freely interact with others through sexting, streams, and video chats. Besides that, the signup process is easy and fast. You need to include basic info like name, email address, and postal code.

This website has a free chat option, so you can freely message anyone without paying for the subscription. The desktop version is edgier and has a modern look. MeetMe is free but requires a subscription to access more features. As a newcomer, take advantage of the free trial and see what works for you. Of course, you have to try with the first message and see where it leads.


Snapchat (Disappearing Photos)

Snapchat Logo

While Snapchat is not exclusively branded as a sexting app, a lot of people use it for this purpose. For those trying to flirt with a new crush or introduce sexting into their long-term relationship, they can use Snapchat as the icebreaker. And if you have a sex routine nailed down, a 5-minute video chat will add extra spice into your life. Other than sending a sexy selfie, you can record a flirty video.

Most of these girls will list their social media accounts, so it’s quite easy to add them to your profile. To get started, the site will ask you to upload your basic information including age, gender, and email address. Next, you should upload a photo and accept the terms and conditions.

Another feature that makes Snapchat one of the most sought sexting platform is that photos disappear a few seconds after opening them. You can even take your nude selfie and be sure it will not end up in the dark pages of the internet. And the best part is that you can schedule sharing nude selfies with your partner by sharing your calendar. This way, you can find a sexy time that suits you both. And because it’s a safe website, you can send those spicy photos in confidence.




Kik is a widely popular app that is used to chat and connect with people online. Now, it should come as no surprise that this app is often used for naughty activities such as sexting and exchanging nudes. 

The problem is, it can be challenging finding other Kik users who are down for some dirty fun. That’s where KikSext comes in. KikSext is an app that helps Kik users find other users who are interested in sending nudes, sexting, and even live video chat. The website allows you to search through Kik usernames and add your own username to the list. 

If you’re not in the mood for finding a sexting partner, the site also has several amazing nude galleries of Kik users. The best part is, all of these nudes are totally free. Just head to the “Kik Nudes” tab to check it out. You can narrow down the nudes gallery by putting in specific filters, so you can get exactly what you’re looking for. Overall, this is one of the best sites for finding free nudes and sexting buddings.


Getconfide (Confidential Messaging) 


A sexting website can be nerve-wracking to use, especially if you don’t know how secure it is. has been a popular dating website among the millennials and has made a name for itself as a sexting platform. It features an easy-to-use interface, and there are lots of girls who are willing to exchange sexy selfies and start all sorts of conversation. works well with all browsers and is mobile-friendly.

With encrypted and self-destructing messages, this platform gives you the comfort that your private communication is safe. Once you open the nude selfie. it disappears automatically, making it as secure as you can possibly get. The end-to-end encryption allows anyone to use their unique code to build their accounts. Additionally, it offers encrypted video calls, so you don’t have to worry about anyone going through those steamy messages. Because this website supports group chats, you can be sure to hook up with someone local and hot.

To start chatting, you should enter your code into the box and find a local number on the homepage. As soon as you sign up, a list of users will appear on your computer screen. If you live in the U.S, you can maintain a public photo album and then share with members of your choice. While this is a free service, you can upgrade to a paid membership and get unlimited access to all members.

When you use the above websites, you’ll appreciate how important an anonymous text, picture, and video can be. They are perfect for connecting with singles who want to take things to the next level. No matter where you are, you can access the services and send those nude selfies.


Signal (Encrypted Security)

Signal Sexting

When it comes to sending you most private of nude selfies Signal should be at the forefront of messaging services you’re using. The main thing that sets Signal apart is the ability to send and receive encrypted messages. This means that only you can the person you’re sending your nude selfies to have access to them. You can feel much more secure in your images being out in the world.

The usability of Signal is pretty much like any other messaging app. Besides the encryption feature users have the ability to force the receiver to delete their message after a period of time. The app itself, available on both iOS and Android, is pretty simple. You can send messages that delete or self-delete whenever you set them to. You can also send encrypted images, gifs, videos and make phone calls. 

Signal is basically free to use. It operates much like WhatsApp or iMessage and uses wifi instead of a messaging plan. With Signal you have the power to delete your own images and make sure they are not screenshotted or taken off the app. 


Dust (Message security)

Dust Sexting Security

Available for iOS and Android, Dust is another app that is great for protecting your precious nude selfies. Dust uses encrypted messaging like Signal and none of the messages are stored in a database. Once you want them deleted you can simply delete them off both your own phone on the receivers.

Dust does have a group chat feature so you and your friends can all get together and send photos to each other. On the Dust app, your messages will delete after 100 seconds after they are opened and 24 hours after they are unopened.

Dust is a great up for sending private messages. However, you don’t have to option to keep messages or adjust the length of time. So if you wanted to go back to a conversation later it will be off your app. 


WhatsApp (Private messaging app)

WhasApp Logo Sexting

Anytime you’re traveling in Europe you will find WhatApp being used as the most common messaging platform. The company, owned by Facebook, has millions of users all over the world. WhatsApp is great because you can send messages on Wifi or data without having an international messaging plan. 

When using WhatsApp to send your nudes be a little more careful. This app is not as secure as Dust or Signal and being that it is owned by Facebook there is a good chance your data is being collected. WhatsApp does allow you to see when your messages were viewed and to delete them as well. 

WhatsApp is not fully encrypted so there is a chance hackers could get into your account. Use your common sense to protect you whenever you are sending nudes. Always try to keep your face out of photos as an extra level of safety. 


Skibbel (Anonymous sexting)

Skibbel Logo

Skibbel is an excellent, free sexting company where you can send and receive nudes with random strangers. Skibbel is great because it’s totally free to use and your identity is always kept private. This is a great place to start if you want to start sexting with real people while staying anonymous.

To try Skibble you can either use the desktop or mobile website and sign up. Once you register, you can decide on the type of people you want to begin sexting with. You can also choose whether you want to just sext, send nudes or both. Sign up is easy, and there are no names or credit cards needed.


Video & Chat Sexting


Dirty Roulette (Video random chat)

DirtyRouleette logo

This website is a platform where you can find free sex webcams and chatrooms. As the name implies, the website provides you with random webcams that you can click through until you find one that interests you. Once you find a sexy girl that appeals to you, you can chat with them directly through the camera or by sending them an instant message.

Signing up for this site requires an email address and a password. Once you sign up, you’ll have access to more features and be able to find more like-minded people in the community. The free membership makes this a great website to check out.


Slutroulette (Live Vide Chat)

Slutroulette is another website that lets users chat with super hot girls on webcam. This site features women exclusively, so if your a guy looking to watch sexy women get naked, this site has what you want. It’s also a steal because membership is totally free.

In order to register all you need is a valid email address and to create a unique username. Access to the webcams is completely free. The website will provide you with random girls on webcams until you find one who strikes your fancy.

Omegle (Stranger chat)

Omegle Logo

Omegle is a popular texting website that is popularly used for sexting random strangers while remaining totally anonymous. The website pairs users up with random people that you can talk to one on one with. There are several categories to choose from to find people with similar interests.

To use Omegle you can choose either text or video chat. There is no sign up required and membership is totally free. There are usually thousands of users online so getting started is no problem at all.


NewbieNudes (Nude exchange)

Newbie Nudes Logo

NewbieNudes is an excellent sexting website for guys looking for explicit pictures. This website focuses on amateur girls and couples who want to post pictures of their most explicit escapades as well as engage on chat and webcams.

The signup process is pretty simple–all you need is a username, password and email address to get started. After you sign up you can start browsing through the women on the site. Make sure to utilize the category and filter sections of this sexting website to find what you’re looking for.

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