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If you don’t know, Lena the Plug is one of the hottest YouTube stars out there. She has over 1 million subscribers on and now over a million on Instagram too. She, also, happens to have one of the sexiest private Snapchats available.

This private Snapchat has Lena doing everything you want her to do on her YouTube but can’t because of obvious reasons. For $29.95 a month, it sure beats a movie with the old ball and chain and also might reignite your relationship with her if you watch it together. Expect unlimited nudes and Snapchat sexting when you buy her VIP.

Tuesday nights don’t have to be so boring anymore, because when you let Lena the Plug into your house, things will definitely get shaken up. If you indulge in any of her many products or just take her advice on dating, you’ll surely enhance your ability to get it up in no time.





Open relationships

Having an open relationship with your partner is a difficult subject to bring up. The persuasion of that technique is something you should consider carefully.

You should let her make the first move. If she’s like Lena the Plug then you could attempt to bring it up. My suggestion would start with a threesome. If she has a friend that she’s into then you might have a better shot at “breaking her in” with someone she trusts.

Another strategy is to introduce Lena the Plug to your partner and see what happens. Maybe your girlfriend will like what Lena has to say about open relationships. She might surprise you by suggesting this as a possibility to spice things up.

Lena the Plug’s lifestyle is becoming more popular these days, especially with the younger generations. The more people that post about their casual sex experiences the more people will adopt her ways of thinking. If you’re one of those people, this is good news for you! Congrats!


Lena the Plug loves threesomes

Recently, if you follow Lena the Plug on YouTube you know that she’s allowed her friend to sleep with her boyfriend, Adam22. They’ve known each other for a long time and trust each other completely.

Threesomes are still kind of taboo with some people. If your girlfriend has talked about being with other girls then you know there is a chance. There also could be a chance that she could be completely turned off by them.

The nature of threesomes is very emotionally difficult for some people. There is an inherent competition to prove the worthiness of yourself in people that don’t like threesomes. If she’s interested in pleasing you and giving in to your threesome fantasy, then you might have a chance at it.

She might be interested in the beginning. However, there’s a possibility that she might not like it for the long-haul. She might want to get married to you someday, the idea of a threesome might really turn her off and make her think that you’re not as interested in her as she once thought. Either way, think about who your significant other is before you tell her that Lena says it’s cool.


Lena the Plug is an entertainer

Lena the Plug’s first goal is to create entertaining content so you visit her website and sign up for her private Snapchat. It’s a business and everything she thinks about is to create more curiosity every day. That curiosity gets you to check her out more and more.

Watch her for a little bit and you’ll see there is huge money in the sexy reality television business. She knows this and is very set on her goal to turn you on every time you tune in. That’s why everything she does tries to out-do what she did before. If you want to see her completely naked and fucking her friends then get in and stop waiting. This won’t last forever.


Sex toys and accessories

She has her own lines of products making her a very savvy businesswoman. Check out her website for posters, sex toys, and a link to her private Snapchat channel. Her stores include everything you need to spice up your sex life.

Watching Lena the Plug on YouTube and her private Snapchat is getting plenty of ideas to improve your sex-life. It’s the sexy version of infotainment, so whether you’ve got your dick in your hand while you watch her get fucked or taking notes you’ll get something out of watching her.

The other cool part about her products is you get to see them in action. They aren’t there just to take more of your hard-earned money. Each product gets a detailed example of how to get them in your bedroom and use them.


Why you should join her private Snapchat

For those of you that want to see the sexiest home videos of Lena the Plug in action fucking basically whoever she wants, then her private channel is everyday entertainment that will get you hard as a rock.

It’s the surprises that will keep you addicted to seeing her pussy licked and her face fucked. She’s an animal in bed and she needs your support to keep this channel going.

Lena the Plug’s private Snapchat is only $29.99 a month. That’s a small price to pay if you want to see how these escapades escalate from the bar to the bedroom. It’s at least worth a try for a month, and it beats regular porn because there’s no acting. She is 100% real about wanting to fuck all the time.

It’s in her nature to spread her legs for everyone on the planet and she wants you to see her from the inside now and forever. Get in now, because the best of the best is in her private Snapchat and the price will only go up as more people sign up.

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