5 Reasons to Follow Amber Rose on Snapchat

Amber Rose Nude

We can’t deny the fact that Amber Rose is one of the most-talked-about models in the world. She’s a rapper and has appeared on numerous music videos. Much like her other social media platforms, Amber Rose has a massive following on Snapchat. Most recently, she released her own app and featured on season 23 of Dancing with Stars.

Amber keeps herself busy and has a fortune to multiple projects like acting, modeling, and creating an emoji app. She views herself as a feminist monster, and she really knows how to make money. She’s one of the few celebrities who know how to take a buzz cut and make it look good. If you’re not following the star on Snapchat, you’re missing a lot. Check out these top 5 reasons to follow Amber Rose on Snapchat.


She has ditched her signature buzz cut

The buzz cut on Amber rose makes her one of the most recognizable faces out there. She has been loyal to this iconic look for close to 15 years, and it suits her splendidly. The unique hairstyle came about when she was still a defiant teenager. If you’ve been on the lookout, you may have noted she occasionally steps out with wigs including brunette beehive and platinum blonde do. One time, she appeared on her show with thick dark braids which surprised the fans. This is a clear sign she’s getting bored with her signature cut.

In a recent interview with a US magazine, she stated that she wanted to grow her hair but will retain the same color. Part of the reason is that it’s not easy to maintain, and the wigs are there to protect her scalp. You’ll always see her new looks on Snapchat showing off her latest look.


She has a provocative love life

We all know that Amber was dating Wiz Khalifa since 2011. This started when Wiz was asked in a TV interview if he could date any woman in the world, who would he choose? His answer was Amber Rose and that’s where it all began. Unfortunately, the couple separated in 2014 due to irreconcilable differences. This year she was spotted on several occasions holding hands with Rapper 21 Savage. She used to post most of her pictures on Snapchat. It was not long until the two announced their relationship. Amber used to take their pictures while in bed.

It didn’t take long for the curvy video star to poast a tribute to Savage. It’s unfortunate that the last time the two were seen was during Valentine’s Day in Los Angeles. With or without Savage, Amber has a bright future with her unique look alone.


She’s a badass boss lady

Apart from writing a book Bad Bitch Guide to Life, Amber usually posts racy self-portraits on her Snapchat page. On several occasions, she has been criticized for dressing provocatively, people complain that she shouldn’t dress that way because she’s a mother. Surprisingly, Amber hits back on any interviewer when provoked. At one time, she organized Amber Rose Slutwalk to raise awareness of gender inequality. This is a literal example of not just talking but taking action. This was after she wore a dress painted with slut-shaming awards on MVA. She believes that other are all bullshit and that her walk is more conservative. We must appreciate that her thoughts are valid because most of these women have a pull in Hollywood. If you follow her closely on Snapchat, you’ll realize that she dishes some advice in a brilliant way.

We can’t deny the fact that Amber has grown her brand to an empire. She reminds us that she’s not afraid to keep it real. To some, she prides herself as being down to earth and transparent. And when she’s not being scrutinized by critics, she’s busy alleviating double standards. She’s always signing snaps from exclusive signing, big gigs and much more. When you follow Amber Rose on Snapchat, you’ll never miss a beat.


She a fun, fearless feminist

Amber is bringing a bold and apologetic attitude to the fashion space. She occasionally puts on affordable women wear including form-fitting dresses, crop suits, bodysuits, and skirts. For her, this means being respectful to women’s bodies. The model accepts that there are visible gaps missing and she cannot manage to support all women’s rights. She believes this is the right time to accomplish what she tried four years ago.

What has been trending recently is Amber Rose’s contribution to Teen Vogue regarding body positivity movement. Its clear Amber is trying to light all areas of women’s rights from women rights to social injustices. In all of the above, her fearless approach makes her a unique social figure. Everyone knows Amber is very close to her son and is very affectionate. And nobody could move her even after the fans shamed her for kissing her boy inappropriately. Nevertheless, she’s constantly speaking for women against slut-shaming, sexual assault, and negative body image. These are important reasons why fans should follow her.


Learn more about her talk show

For many years, Amber has been speaking candidly about other public figures. Thankfully, she has a more mature attitude which is a major hit for the mess-loving crowd. However, most recently, she has learned how to stop making disparaging remarks to those she has had beef in the past. Her show is all about creating a platform on all matters sex. Her celebrity friends will give opinions on sex-related topics. You’ll find some of them trending on Snapchat.

In an interview with E! News, Andy revealed that she didn’t fancy Amber Rose which caught many people by surprise. More interestingly, Amber has turned a new leaf with Khloe Kardashian, one of her former enemies. Some years back, Amber’s brand of feminism was not really to the task of keeping her late-night show. Most of her fans were men, yet the show was all about women empowerment. Today, we can’t deny the show is inspiring and creative.

When Snapchat rolled around, it was the game-changer in social media celebrity. You’ll often find Amber Rose (reallyamberrose) taking drop-dead gorgeous selfies in good lighting. While you can still follow her on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, her pics feel too controlled and manicured. She’s mostly sharing her daily life with followers, thanks to her honest approach to almost every area of her life. This is the only way to get an authentic behind-the-scenes look at her life. When she’s not busy taking bedroom selfies, Amber Rose uses the platform to put people in their place.

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