5 Secrets of Taking Good Dirty Snapchat Photos

Alright, it’s 2018 Y’all, that means no more bad nude Snapchats! It’s time!

By now, we should all know not to send a dirty pic you’re not proud of, and definitely not a bad one. Make sure you got yourself a good quality phone (sorry Androids) and a person to snap you trust.

Now, let’s get started with some tips on how to take great dirty snaps.

1. How to properly include your face in your dirty snap

Unless it’s someone you completely trust and know won’t do you dirty by exposing your nude Snapchats (let’s also leave that behind this 2018), I’d suggest keeping your face out of them as much as possible. But at the same time, don’t send nudes to someone you even have a gut feeling about that would do something like this if you’re not comfortable with it.

But if you do trust that person or you simply don’t care and just want to take great nudes, including your face is one way of doing that.

It makes the person receiving your snap much more excited by seeing a glimpse of your face. But the most boring way of doing this, and sadly is usually how it’s done, is by taking a full-body mirror pic of your nude self. This can make a good dirty pic, but what’s even better is not to take a picture at all — take a video!

Start with your face, giving them a top to bottom view of wherever you want to stop — be it your ass or a nice close-up shot of you in panties. As you’re going down, don’t forget to take a second to stop at the boobs, ’cause we all love boobs. Having music also helps in any dirty video you chose to send.

Oh, and don’t make any weird porn star-ish faces. Those aren’t particularly sexy.

And instead of taking that awkward nude mirror-selfie, I mentioned before, again, take a video instead. Smile for the camera, move around, pose, maybe dance a lil’ — it all helps. Seeing this kind of video from you will for sure make whoever you’re sending it to aroused.

2. Tease them a lil’

Being a tease in your dirty Snapchats is great and is what truly makes it fun.

As I’m sure you’ve heard, not giving too much away leaves room for the imagination to run wild.

By snapping a shot of your hard nipples poking through a thin shirt, or booty pictures with those pair of panties that make your ass look great, or a bent-over boob shot with your bra straps hanging off your shoulders — this will leave your receiver wanting more. If you’re planning on meeting up with this person soon, the tension built up will be higher and could even lead to better sex!

3. Use your hands

An underrated body part to flaunt in dirty pics is your hands.

Using your hands can add an extra element of sexiness to your dirty snaps. For example, using them to cover your bare chest, or running them along your body during a video will make the person receiving them think about where their hands could go. If you’re daring enough, sending a video of you masturbating, or a clip of you smacking your own ass could also make for a hot video.

Don’t underestimate the power of adding hand movement to both your pictures and videos when sending a dirty Snapchat.

4. Play with lighting

So you don’t want to take your dirty snaps in total darkness, and full-light may make you feel overexposed (although I don’t know how much more exposed you can get than taking a nude photo of yourself), the solution? Play around with different lighting!

Your body is art, so why shouldn’t your nudes look as such? Getting creative with your lighting can turn a basic nude into a straight up Michaelangelo piece.

Get in front of the blinds and have the light leak from in between them to illuminate your body, leaving streak-like marks of light.

Or if you have any colored lights, a red or blue glow on your naked body would look amazing.

Dim lighting is also a go-to when taking nude pictures, just make sure it’s not too dark to the point where it’s hard to make out anything. Lastly, another trick with lighting is to shine a light on the specific body part you want the person to see, leaving a sense of mystery for what else there is.

5. Use filters, stickers, and emojis

Snapchat has tons of cool random names features for your photos and videos with their itinerary of filters and stickers you could slap onto your pics.

You could place cute heart emojis onto your nipples or on your vagina, and use a cool filter to make the picture artsy.

Also on Snapchat, emojis,  and stickers can move around and appear where you want them to on video so that you can make your dirty pics more fun!

Get creative and make your dirty snaps something even more interesting to look at, and maybe make your recipient laugh a bit. Because after all, laughter is a big turn-on.

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